Getting Prepared for Life’s Uncertainties

December 7, 2016
Getting Prepared for Life’s Uncertainties

Although the presidential election may have left you feeling uncertain about the future of the country, it is important to periodically assess your own state of affairs to reduce the uncertainties your own family may one day face.  Taking steps to organize information now can help reduce the confusion for your family during a time of unexpected crisis.

Creating a list of your important documents is one beneficial way to gather a lot of information in one place. This list can lessen the burden on your family by providing them with an overview of your affairs and the documents they may need.  Be sure to  include the location of such documents so they can easily find any needed additional information.  The list should include such items as:

Once the list is complete, be sure to keep it in a secure and accessible place and share that location with your spouse or other trusted family member or friend.  Also be sure to review the list periodically to update the information as needed.  Taking action now can go a long way in easing the uncertainty for your family in the future.

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